We are the designers and the manufactures of the timing equipment we use, we know it inside and out. Making Trident Results the most technologically advanced and competent timing service.

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With other 25 years experience, you as a race director can relax and have piece of mind knowing Trident Results will deliver complete, accurate and reliable results when you need them.


Trident Results has a range of pricing to fit in with your event budget, from major events to not for profit organisations, we will work with you for the best result.

Timing Services

Road Running – Trail Running – Mountain Running – Road Cycling – Mountain Biking – Triathlon – Duathlon – Ocean Swimming – Water Sports – Adventure Racing – Multisport Races – Mud Runs – UCI format stage racing, unlimited number of stages, and professionally formatted reports –  Multi-lap races, for example 24 hour MTB, motor car racing, human powered vehicles – Race series – Score races that run over any of number of days, there is no limit
Trident Results gives you everything you need to give competitors a results experience second to none.

  • Set up an unlimited number of results kiosks using laptops, iPads or tablets, where competitors can view and print their results.
  • Large LED displays showing live leaderboards and results.
  • Enhance the social media experience with live text messages andFacebook updates.
  • Wireless hotspot, allowing anyone to access results and leaderboards directly on their own smart device.
Commentators get access to a fully configurable display, rich with content, and usable on any device: From laptops to iPads, to tablets, to smart phones. You can even let the announcer use his own smart phone, And at his fingertips he has scrolling displays, leaderboards, results and race statistics.
Trident Results excels at managing remote timing points and includes a number of tools to get data from your remote timing point to your setup at the finish line. This includes the ability to provide a live announcer display to someone on the other side of the world. This gives you the event organiser the ability to have a split point in the middle of your event and have live data streaming to the finish line.


  • Live SMS messaging at very low prices.
  • Automated updates to Facebook walls from the finish and intermediate splits.
  • Results emails.
  • Live Twitter results to your Twitter feed.
  • Posts to Facebook and Twitter can be done from the results website, as can results emails.
  • Disposable UHF BibTags
  • Disposable DF BibTags
  • Disposable DF ShoeTags
  • ShoeTags (graphic customisation possible)
  • AnkleTags
  • Wheeltime Tag
  • ActiveTags
To help you make sure your event runs well we have items for hire that can help.

  • Inflatable Archway
  • Solid Structure Gantry
  • Clocks
To maximize the safety during your event we can provide your medical support team with a computer that links to each participant’s records (allergies, etc). Should there be a requirement for a competitor to get medical attention, this information is at hand at all times.
Through our website we have the ability to promote your event free of charge. This can offer merchandise sales and online registration for your event and llow other people to promote your event with Facebook.

No signup costs. No annual costs. No software to buy or install.

We have a fantastic relation ship with Pintrun, so we can organise a competitive quote for your race numbers and other printing needs. Trident Results in house design team can also design all of your printing material. We can deal with the whole process!
Save time and money though ensuring your participants have the option of printing a personalised Web Certificate direct from the web.
Subject to stable Internet access we can provide live results to the web throughout the duration of the event, providing the opportunity for friends and family to follow participants progress throughout the event. This can be done using live tracker, SMS, and Facebook.

  • Team results: numerous calculation formula such as sum of times, time of fastest member, sum of rankings, etc
  • Relay teams, including where each competitor has his own timing chip
  • Points scores
  • Deadzones (excluding part of the course)
  • Group times (used for pelotons in road cycling)
  • Minimum time rule: for races where competitors can start whenever they like
  • Age categories using date of birth, year of birth or non age-based
  • Promotion categories: Removing the top placed finishers from the age group awards
  • Unlimited wave (gun) starts
  • Rapid data capture system for late entries
  • Powerful registration functions for chip checking, chip allocation, detail checking, etc
  • Announcer displays: full featured, flexible, customisable, display on ANY device
  • Result kiosks: full featured, flexible, customisable, display on ANY device

Trident Results provides a complete, simple, accurate and reliable sports event chip timing service. We eliminate the pressure associated with the sometimes hectic, demanding pre-event and race-day registration allowing your team of staff and volunteers to concentrate on other aspects of running the event. We have the best technology available suited to events of all types and sizes, with over 25 years of event timing experience we know what technology type best suits your event. To ensure you, the race director, can commence prize giving on time we can run preliminary results at any stage throughout the duration of the day, which can also be displayed to the public. At the end of the an event you can display results on the event website in a number of ways, pdf, excel or a direct link into our fully searchable web based results portal.

Our service continues post event. Confirmed results are published on Tridents Results within hours of completion of the race or they can be published live. We will then field, interpret and answer any timing enquires your competitors may have

Online results

Using Trident Results gives you access to our online searchable results platform free of charge. This attractive results platform uses a profile system, allowing competitors to view events and times under their own profile – to compare previous results or compare with their friends. Trident Results can also be personalised to match the look and feel of your own website.

  • Complete breakdown of your race
  • Previous event results
  • Compare results with other athletes
  • Share Via Social Media

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